The mission of Ideal is to produce High quality home appliances, continuously develop production infrastructure, and provide after-sales service with a commitment to customer approach. This mission is achieved through effort and innovation, development of production lines, raising capital and technology, and providing services in the field of electrical home appliance products.

DOMENA was founded in 1955 in France. This company is the manufacturer of the first steam iron in the world. The products of this company are sold
in different parts of the world and it is a well-known brand in the world markets.
Ideal Company, through a cooperation and production agreement with the French company Domena, decided to enter the field of home
appliance production by relying on domestic capabilities and European technologies.

Hardware and production systems were procured from well-known countries in the field of production and industry (Germany, Italy, France and Turkey)



who we areā€¦

IDEAL HORIZON Trading & Services S.R.L was established and registered in Romania in 2016.

The reason that we chose Romani country, is that because the government allocated remarkable facilities to the business and trading investors.

In the beginning, the company engaged in market research and gaining experience in the related fields.

The company started its expansion programs very seriously. As our business grew up and developed, and based on our necessity, we decided to expanded our business.

We increased our presence in other strategic parts of the world, we opened a representative office in Germany (Frankfurt), and one branch office in UAE (Dubai).

Ideal brilliant track record in collaborating with such well-known brands as: Murphy Richards UK home appliances, Japan Jaguar sewing machine, Japan Baby lack sewing machine.

We are also the main share holder of DOMENA France (since1955), Manufacturer of kitchen & home appliances.

This Shows the credibility and quality of our international and domestic interactions, Exclusive collaboration with international brands has been one of the honors of Ideal.